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How to Buy a Condo

How to select a residential condo that best fits your needs

And the key questions you must ask to avoid very costly mistakes.

  • How To Buy A Condo is a systematic Guide to help you find the residential condominium that best meets your needs. The advice in this Guide holds for other common-interest real estate developments such as patio homes, co-ops and townhouses. To keep things simple, in this Guide they are grouped together under the general heading of ‘condos’.
  • Buying a condo is dramatically different from buying a house or apartment. The purpose of this Guide is to alert you to the many factors that make
    condos so different
  • In logical and easy to follow steps, this Guide lays out how to plan your search in a way that helps you focus on the things that really matter. The
    Guide discusses a wide range of issues and, to make the search as easy and straightforward as possible, includes a very comprehensive list of questions
    you should consider.
  • Following the Guide’s step by step plan, what for many is a stressful and disagreeable chore becomes a satisfying, less time consuming, rewarding
    project with a happy conclusion.
  • While How To Buy A Condo is an indispensible how-to Guide for anyone considering buying a condo for themselves, it is also
    particularly valuable for the many different advisory specialists in the real estate marketplace. In the hands of their clients, this Guide can save
    these advisors time spent probing and explaining important issues in the search process to ensure their clients understand how best to proceed, freeing
    up time these advisors can apply to their fee-earning specialty.
  • The range of advisors is wide and includes real estate professionals, home inspectors, bankers, mortgage financiers, lawyers, counselors providing
    guidance to those contemplating downsizing, relocation specialists, real estate developers, real estate valuation services, writers who review condos,
    home inspectors, Boards of Directors of condos sensitive to market valuation and many others.
  • Anyone who finds themselves offering guidance on searching for a condo or advising on how best to promote an existing condo, whether as part of their
    profession or as a new personal revenue generating activity, will find How To Buy A Condo an indispensible source of insight
    on how best to search the condo marketplace
  • Buying a condo is a major investment. For many of us, it is one of the most expensive investment decisions we will ever make, so it is important to
    make sure the condo you select is the right one for you.
  • Even for those with a lot of business experience, our Guide helps prevent overlooking critical issues that can end up souring the entire condo search
    and buying process.
  • Our How To Buy A Condo Guide contains 222 key questions. If you believe you know all the questions, then don’t buy the Guide!
    However, if you aren’t certain you know all the questions, which question can you safely ignore?
  • Overlooking just one key question could result in much frustration and, in some cases, major cost that could have been avoided.
  • You will probably view a number of condos before making a final decision: our Guide makes comparing each condo easy and accurate and avoids relying on
  • Our Guide saves you time by avoiding unnecessary repeat visits just to check out details that were overlooked during earlier viewings.
  • Follow the steps outlined in our Guide and avoid mistakes that could result in you buying a condo you quickly regret.
  • Using our Guide may save you thousands of dollars off the asking price of the condo.
  • And, remember, the cost of investing in our Guide is only a tiny fraction of the purchase cost of your condo!

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In our Guide you will learn:

  • How to organize and simplify your condo search. Page 14
  • How to brief whoever may accompany you during your condo tour and what they should and should not do and say. Page 41
  • An often overlooked, but easy step you must take early in your condo search that can save you money later. Page 30
  • Important do’s and don’ts that you should follow during your condo inspection tour. Page 41
  • For the sake of your health and safety be sure to get clear answers to this question before you commit to a purchase. Page 69
  • Check this very carefully because if changes are necessary it can be very costly. Page 56
  • How to easily and efficiently do a thorough assessment when viewing a condo and why this can help save you money. Page 14
  • What you should do before setting out on a condo viewing tour. Page 40
  • If your first Offer to Purchase is declined, make sure you avoid making this mistake. Page 81
  • An important difference between owning a townhouse and owning a co-op. Page 10
  • When you arrive at the building in which your prospect condo is located, check these 6 things first even before you arrive at the suite. Page 44
  • Differences between owning an apartment and owning a condo and how this affects how you may use the facilities within the building complex. You may be
    surprised. Page 11
  • If you intend to lease out your condo, it is vitally important to check this early. Page 34
  • Why it is so important to take great care when choosing a condo regardless whether you are buying as an investment or as your primary residence. Page
  • How to minimize this risk, common in many condo buildings, of this costly and troublesome problem. Page 21
  • Sixteen factors you should consider, and rate in order of their importance, in compiling your list of the facilities you want in your condo. Pages 35
    through 38
  • When you have compiled your personal Guide, who you should give a copy to and why. Page 14
  • Nineteen key questions when choosing your condo neighborhood. Pages 25 and 26
  • How and when to get the best selection of suites in the condo complex of your choice. Page 17
  • Something you must check out if you are considering purchasing a penthouse. Page 64
  • How to avoid unexpected costly repairs if you buy a suite in an established condo. Page 20
  • Important issues to consider before you arrive at the condo complex Page 43
  • Check this in the kitchen, because if it is not suitable, you will not be able to correct it. Page 49
  • Check out this frequently overlooked item that can cause you severe annoyance. Page 59
  • If you decide to retain a realtor to help you in your condo search, this is how to approach her to discuss the possibility of taking the assignment at
    a reduced fee. Page 32
  • Reasons frequently overlooked why the direction the condo suite faces is important. Page 35
  • Disadvantages in choosing a new condo compared with an established condo and why a new condo may end up being considerably more costly than you
    expected. Page 18
  • Why, even if you are not planning to have a pet, it is so important to check the condo policy regarding pets. Page 24
  • If you need a storage locker, in addition to storage space available within your suite, make sure you review these potential problems to avoid major
    disappointment. Page 39
  • What you have to be particularly careful to check if the suite is furnished that could cost you thousands of dollars. Page 47
  • When is the best time in your condo search to retain a lawyer and how may she be able to provide help in addition to looking after the legal purchase
    issues. Page 31
  • Failure to check this out can lead to endless frustrations on a daily basis. Page 54
  • This can have a major impact on your enjoyment of the facilities and on future condo fees. Page 67
  • What you should bring with you when you visit every condo on your prospect list. Pages 41 and 42
  • What you should check regarding the windows that is frequently forgotten. Page 47
  • This can have a major impact on your ability to enjoy living in the condo. Page 57
  • Be sure to check this item as it can have a major impact on the future value of your suite. Page 64
  • Be sure to check this on the balcony. If not included, it is impossible to change it later. Page 50
  • Make sure you check this out as it can cause severe problems on a frequent basis. Page 60
  • Check this out in the bedroom very carefully. This can be a severe problem and there is no way to correct it. Page 51
  • Review this with great care in the living area as it is impossible to correct if you find a problem. Page 47

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So what are you waiting for?

To order How to Buy a Condo Guide on a 60-day risk-free trial basis, click below now:

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In the Condo Buyer’s Checklist:

  • All questions follow the same numbering system used in the How to Buy a Condo Guide.
  • Discussion on questions is removed so format is very compact and easy to complete.
  • Provides a range of answers for most questions to minimize the notes you need to write out.
  • Question layout is “circle the appropriate box” format makes it easy to record your findings.
  • Convenient and compact format for making notes when you view condo properties.
  • Enables you to complete a new Checklist for each prospective property you view.
  • Gives you a permanent and comprehensive assessment of each condo complex you view.
  • Makes comparison between condos easy and reliable without having to rely only on memory.

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